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For more information about the BioAssay Express, contact us at Collaborative Drug Discovery.

With BioAssay Express for the first time you can:

  • Explore the similarity of assays within and between organizations
  • Browse and group assays based upon meaningful, detailed criteria like cell type, target, readouts, assay kit, etc.
  • Identify similar assays both early on for assay validation and later on for greater confidence in SAR (structure activity relationship) trends from a standardized set of over 3500 meticulously, expert-annotated MLPCN “Best of PubChem” assays
  • Iterate on predictions and experimental validation with greater confidence by comparing apples-to-apples with objective criteria for assay similarity

The first step involves a streamlined interface to make it as easy as possible for scientists to annotate their assays using a collection of standardized terminology:

Annotation in progress

To help with the underlying data, we have created the Common Assay Template, which draws from a number of underlying vocabularies created by domain experts, including the BioAssay Ontology (BAO), Drug Target Ontology (DTO), Cell Line Ontology (CLO) and others. When text is available (e.g. for annotating legacy data), the interface makes use of machine learning & natural language processing to suggest terms, speeding up the process.

We have used this to curate more than three thousand assays from PubChem. This growing collection of curated assays can be searched, browsed or perused one at a time:

  • Click here to view a random assay that has been curated by an expert...
  • ... or here for a random assay that has yet to be curated.

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